Bamboo vs Cotton Sheets: Why Bamboo is a Better All-Rounder

Bamboo vs Cotton Sheets: Why Bamboo is a Better All-Rounder

Australia is waking up to the benefits of bamboo bedding compared to cotton. This blog will help you understand the differences between bamboo and cotton sheets, so you can shop more sustainably and enjoy a better night’s sleep.

What’s the difference between bamboo and cotton sheets?

Cotton fibre, derived from the fluffy balls on cotton crops, has been used in textiles for thousands of years.

Bamboo rayon fabric, on the other hand, is only about 250 years old. Technological advancements enabled fibres extracted from fast-growing bamboo plants in Asia to become a soft, durable, antibacterial textile used in clothing, underwear, socks and bedding.

But that’s only the origin story. As bamboo becomes more popular, the benefits of bamboo fibre sheets really start to stack up.

Comparing bamboo vs cotton sheets


Cotton has long been criticised for its environmental impact. Cotton is a seasonal shrub, requiring a lot of land, water, pesticides and labour to grow. As well as claiming large swathes of space, cotton crops degrade soil that could have been used for food production.

Bamboo crops are renewable, growing naturally in tight clusters without degrading the soil like cotton. The fastest-growing plant on earth, a bamboo shoot can grow several inches in a single day while needing significantly less water than cotton.


High thread count cotton and Egyptian cotton sheets are prized for their softness. Silk is even softer, although you pay a high price for the exclusive fabric.

And then there’s bamboo. Widely regarded as one of the softest fabrics available today, bamboo is luxuriously comfortable and not slippery like silk. Finely woven bamboo rayon fabric is significantly softer than cotton and more breathable than silk, staying sumptuously soft and breathable even after years of regular washing.


When it comes to the health benefits of bamboo vs cotton sheets, bamboo is the clear winner for your entire family. Bamboo fabric is hypoallergenic and antibacterial, offering several advantages:


Over time, cotton sheets do become softer. However, they also shrink and wrinkle, unlike bamboo, which holds its shape and stays luxuriously soft with regular washing. And because bamboo wicks away moisture like sweat and body oils, it won’t discolour like cotton.

With proper cleaning and care, bamboo sheets can stay soft, comfortable, and hygienic for many years.

Cleaning and care

Laundering bamboo sheets requires little more than cool water and mild detergent, unlike cotton, which often involves bleaching, softening, and tumble-drying. As a result, cleaning bamboo fibre sheets vs cotton counterparts uses less water, less chemicals, less energy, and less expertise.

We believe that adds up to a better night’s sleep.

Bamboo vs cotton bed sheets: the verdict

Bamboo bed sheets keep you comfortable all night, protect against allergens and are durable. If you’re ready to cast out your old scratchy cotton and slip between bamboo bed sheets, try OLARA bamboo sheets in the sanctuary of your own home.

OLARA bed sheets are made using sustainably sourced, high-quality bamboo fibres for a softer feeling and better sleep.

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