Best Sheets to Buy for Summer

Best Sheets to Buy for Summer

Keep cool with the best bed sheets for hot weather (and hot sleepers)

There’s a lot to love about Australian summers. Long sunny days, bright mornings, beach trips, afternoons at the beach that continue into balmy evenings with friends. But for many Australians, sleeping through summer nights becomes a waking nightmare.

Enter: cooling sheets.

The proper bed sheets will keep you cool all summer and cosy as the weather changes. Finding the best sheets for summer is a dream come true. So let’s explore why bamboo bed sheets are the perfect hot weather pick.

Why are the right summer sheets important?

Humans need our body temperature to drop to enjoy a restful sleep. Overheating at night disrupts our circadian rhythm, degrading sleep quality and preventing us from falling into the deeper, restorative sleep stages.

Researchers think the ideal sleeping temperature might be between 19° and 21°C. Of course, everyone is different, so this may not be true for you and your partner or kids.

The good news is you don’t need to leave the air conditioning on all night or sleep with a fan blowing your sheets away to sleep well on summer nights. Simply changing your sheets is enough to keep your body in the optimum temperature range.

Why bamboo fabric makes the best bed sheets for hot weather

Bamboo fabric is a clever insulator. The breathable natural fibres (called “bamboo rayon”) wick away moisture even as they regulate your body temperature, so you don’t wake up clammy and hot in the middle of the night.

So how does it work?

When you sleep beneath bamboo rayon sheets, moisture travels through the fibres to the surface of the sheet, where it evaporates. Air pockets in the fibres regulate body temperature in all seasons, while the fabric’s natural strength allows it to retain excess moisture without getting clammy.

Unlike cotton (which collects more moisture than it can handle), bamboo bed sheets absorb excess moisture then exhale it into the night, creating a comfortable environment.

More benefits of bamboo bed sheets

OLARA bamboo bed sheets are the best bed sheets in hot weather for many reasons. First, they’re more breathable than cotton, and moisture-wicking to save you from waking up in a hot sweat.

Here are some more reasons to snuggle beneath bamboo sheets this summer:

  • Hypoallergenic: Bamboo sheets repel dust mites, plus prevent bacteria and allergens from collecting while you sleep.
  • Unbelievably soft: Bamboo rayon might be the softest bed sheet fabric available.
  • Eco-friendly: Bed sheets made from renewable bamboo fibres are also soft on the environment.
  • Insulating: The air pockets in bamboo bed sheets keep you cool in summer and cosy when the temperature drops.
  • Kind to sensitive skin: Bamboo bed sheets prevent skin irritation for babies, kids, and sensitive adults by wicking away moisture and repelling microbes.

So if you’re looking for high quality sheets, you can’t go past OLARA’s premium range of bamboo bedding.

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