Five Benefits of Bamboo Fabric

Five Benefits of Bamboo Fabric

The desire to surround yourself with luxurious and sustainable products is more pertinent than ever. There is a growing appetite for creating personal havens at home, a kind of sanctuary where we can nurture ourselves and replenish our body and mind.

But is it possible for us to find bedding and homewares that deliver this experience without harming the environment? The answer is yes.

Turning to bamboo

For many, selecting environmentally conscious and sustainable fabric isn’t an option; it is a necessity.

OLARA is committed to providing premium 100% organic bamboo fabric products to the Australian market. 

Five benefits of bamboo fabric

1. Bamboo fabric is moisture-wicking. 

As bamboo grows in hot, moist climates, the plant soaks up moisture, retaining it to help it’s growth. Bamboo fabric has similar moisture-wicking properties, ensuring you stay dry and comfortable overnight during hot Australian summer months

2. Bamboo fabric is naturally odour resistant.

Natural bamboo fibre resists odours. The antibacterial properties of the plant also allow it to resist mould and mildew, which can otherwise ruin bed sheets and pillowcases. Your bamboo bedding will continue to smell fresh and clean for longer than standard cotton bedding, however we still recommend regularly changing and washing it to maintain optimal hygiene.

3. Bamboo fabric is gentle on skin.

OLARA’s bedding range contains luxuriously soft premium bamboo fabric that is gentle on your skin. This means there is less friction between your facial skin and hair against the pillowcase, which can result in less hair breakage and less irritation of the skin while sleeping. 

4. Bamboo fabric is a climate control wonder. 

Bamboo fibre is porous, and the fibres themselves possess microscopic gaps that allow air to flow freely in and out. This natural ventilation give bamboo fabric it’s excellent thermal regulating properties.

Any sweat is pulled into the fibres, and instead of becoming trapped as it can in traditional cotton bedding, the moisture is instead able to rise to the surface and evaporate, cooling you. In fact, compared to cotton bedding, bamboo bedding draws heat and moisture away twice as fast, and reduces the humidity in your bed by 50%.

On cooler nights when you are not sweating, it keeps you cozy and warm just like any other blanket.

5. Bamboo fabric is easy care. 

Surprisingly, bamboo fabric is easy to care for, requiring simple cleaning in the washing machine – no special treatment required. 

Even better, its static resistant qualities make bamboo’s soft silky fabric good for your hair. Our pillowcases keep your locks frizz-free overnight.


At OLARA, our mission is to create luxurious home textiles from sustainable natural fibres suited to your aesthetic, climate, and lifestyle.

With a focus on beauty and sustainability, OLARA combines premium quality with comfort and sustainability so that you can create the ultimate self-care sanctuary in your bedroom.  

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