How to Fold a Fitted Sheet

How to Fold a Fitted Sheet

There comes a time in everyone’s life when enough is enough.

No more, you say to the wrinkled sheets in your closet.

I am brave and capable, you cry when the elastic corners of your fitted sheets thwart our attempts at a neat fold.

I can do it, you intone, then promptly Google “how to fold a fitted sheet”.

In all seriousness, learning how to fold a fitted sheet has several benefits:

  • Removes wrinkles
  • Prolongs the fabric’s life
  • Keep bamboo fitted sheets stretchy and soft
  • Saves space in your linen closet
  • Keeps your bedding organised

Keeping your sheets clean and organised becomes a priority after you invest in high-quality bed sheets. So in this blog, we’re going to step you through folding a fitted sheet, using an OLARA 100% natural bamboo fitted sheet as an example.

How to fold a fitted sheet step by step

Step 1: Starting position

  • Turn the sheet inside-out
  • Place your hands in the corner pockets of the short edge

Step 2: The first fold

  • Bring your hands, tucked into the corners, together
  • Flip the corner in your right hand over your left hand
  • Align the two edges

Step 3: The third corner

  • Run your hand along the front edge until you find the corner adjacent to the one that was in your right hand
  • Tuck corners one and two (from the previous step) into this third corner
  • The third corner will be inside-out

Step 4: Last one

  • Bring the fourth corner up and fold it over the others
  • Make sure the corner is right-side-out now

Step 5: Finishing the fold

  • Lay the folded fitted sheet flat and square the edges
  • Fold in half or thirds, depending on the size
  • Smooth out the folded sheet

Congratulations! You did it

Folding a fitted sheet may not come naturally. But the satisfaction when you get it right is only second to the soft, clean feeling of unfolding a neat bed sheet.

Bamboo fitted sheets respond well to the proper care, including folding after laundering. To care for your bamboo fitted sheet, remember these simple steps:

Wash regularly

Washing bamboo sheets every 1-2 weeks (depending on your lifestyle) will keep them feeling soft and smelling fresh. Plus, washing bamboo fitted sheets helps the 100% natural fibres retain their antimicrobial and hypoallergenic properties.

Skip the harsh cleaners

Bamboo bed sheets prefer 30° wash cycles and mild eco-friendly detergents. Overly perfumed detergents, bleach and fabric softener can damage the natural fibres.

Line dry

Tumble drying bamboo sheets can deteriorate the fibres like bleaching or washing with harsh chemicals. Instead, hang-dry your sheets or spin dry on low heat if you have to.

Fold with care

Bamboo fitted sheets will stay incredibly soft and moisture-wicking for more than a decade with the proper care. So take a few minutes now to learn the art of folding a fitted sheet. Your future self will be grateful when you get to experience the silkiness of bamboo for years to come.

OLARA 100% natural bamboo fitted sheets

Now you’re ready to test your skills on the real thing. OLARA bamboo fitted sheets, available in four sizes from single to king, are the softest, most comfortable sheets you can imagine.

Find your fit with OLARA bamboo sheet sets in five neutral carefully-curated colours.

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