How to Keep Your Bamboo Sheets Soft

How to Keep Your Bamboo Sheets Soft

The first time you slip between bamboo bed sheets, you will want to stay swaddled in the luxurious softness forever. Naturally, you might be hesitant to wash your new sheets in case they come out feeling stiff or scratchy.

But the great news is bamboo is as forgiving as it is sustainable. If you remember a few simple guidelines, your bamboo bed sheets will last much longer than cotton or linen.

Here’s how to keep your bamboo bed sheets feeling wonderfully soft, wash after wash.

Wash at a mild temperature

The number one tip for softening bamboo bed sheets is to wash them at low temperatures. Bamboo fibres are naturally antimicrobial, which means they get clean even in cooler water. Gentle 30° wash cycles are perfect. Any hotter, and you risk deteriorating the natural fibres that keep bamboo strong and soft.

How often to wash bamboo bedding to keep it soft

Bamboo bed sheets should be washed every week or second week. Regular washing maintains bamboo’s antimicrobial and hypoallergenic characteristics, keeping allergies at bay for a better night’s sleep. Of course, your washing rhythm depends on your lifestyle, so find a routine that suits your sleep pattern.

Line-dry your sheets

Hang drying is better for a few reasons. Firstly, no wrinkles. Secondly, like washing, avoiding high-temperature drying helps your sheets to stay fresh for longer. And lastly, with no added chemicals or odours, naturally drying your sheets is the best way to keep them smelling and feeling fresh between washes.

Avoid bleach or fabric softener

Try to avoid harsh household chemicals altogether. Bamboo’s naturally porous fibres can soak up the peroxide in cleaning agents and become discoloured. And while you can use fabric softener, we recommend steering clear until you’ve tested to see how the bamboo reacts. Fabric softeners weaken the bamboo fibres, leaving your sheets limp instead of naturally soft.

The best advice is to use a mild detergent with no added stain remover or bleach. We promise your bamboo bedding will thank you for it.

Storing between use

Make sure your sheets are completely dry before folding them away. If they will stay tucked away for longer than a couple of days, choose a clean, dry space and fold them neatly to avoid creasing.


Bamboo is a natural fibre, so it’s normal to see some pilling over time. This is nothing to worry about, and it doesn’t mean your sheets are losing their quality. Gently go over the area with a fabric shaver or cut the loop as close to the base as possible and try not to tug the thread to avoid bunching the fabric.

Australia’s best soft bed sheets, wash after wash

Bamboo is one of the softest bedding materials around. Unlike cotton or linen, bamboo stays supple wash after wash if you treat it with a bit of love and care. So wash regularly, avoid harsh chemicals and high heat, and store them neatly. Then, when you go to make the bed, you’ll have wonderfully soft sheets ready and waiting.

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