how to layer bamboo bedding

How to Layer your Bamboo Sheets for a Relaxing Bedroom

Is there a better feeling than walking into your bedroom and seeing a perfectly made bed? Your bedroom is a place of refuge and comfort, a sanctity of peace and calm, and a beautifully styled bed is the finishing touch to creating a truly remarkable space.

However, not everyone is born with interior design skills, so we thought we’d show you how to perfectly layer your sheets and bedding to create a relaxing and welcoming space. 

Forget about hiring an interior decorator; just follow our simple guide to making your bed like a professional stylist. 

Basic rules when layering bedding

Use single colour sheets: always opt for a solid print for your sheets rather than busy patterns. We’re crazy about neutrals, as they allow you to layer on the prints and patterns later by adding throw rugs and pillows. White or off-white make the room look cleaner, and white sheets match every kind of décor.

Match your layers: match your bamboo pillow covers and blankets with other layers. Typically, we recommend matching standard pillowcases to the sheets and euro shams to the duvet cover. 

Throw in a footer: once you have the essential layers, think about adding a footer to the bed, either a throw rug or an extra duvet in a contrasting but complementary colour. A knit blanket also works well if you want to keep things light. 

Add a personal touch: now that your bed is nicely matched up, add in some personality with some carefully selected throw pillows. Throw pillows are where contrast thrives. You can afford to make eclectic choices, and feel free to change up your throw pillows to match your mood!

Steps for making a layered bed

Now you know how to choose your sheets, duvet covers, pillows, and throws like a pro, follow these steps to creating a show-home worthy bed.

  1. Put on your OLARA bamboo bottom and top sheets
  2. Add the duvet on top, choosing from our Mix and Match range
  3. Fold down the top sheet and duvet a quarter of the way down the length of the bed
  4. Arrange your standard and European pillows
  5. Fold an extra bamboo comforter cover, duvet, or blanket at the foot of the bed
  6. Add a few throw pillows to finish the look
  7. Take some pictures and post them on Instagram! (optional)

Choose OLARA luxury bamboo bedding

Styling your bed is easy with OLARA luxury bamboo bedding. Bring a curated, styled look to your home with our range of eco-friendly bamboo bedding. 

Bamboo is softer, more breathable, better for your skin, and easier to wash. Wrapping yourself in our organic bamboo fabric is a feeling unlike any other. With five naturally inspired colours available across various sizes, we’re sure to have the perfect bamboo sheet set for your sleep sanctuary.

If you’re ready to treat yourself to a bit of luxury every night, discover OLARA 100% bamboo bedding.

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