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Self-care Tips to Get You Through the Holiday Season

Burnout, the exhaustion associated with overwork and accumulated stress, affects 77% of office workers in Australia and New Zealand, 6% above the global average.

Holidays are prime burnout time for people who struggle to slow down.

Another year is winding down, and although 2021 was particularly challenging for many people, it doesn’t pay to dwell on things outside our control. At the tail-end of a tough year, take time for yourself. Focus on the things that invite positivity and relaxation into your life, whether that means reading a book, visiting friends or going on a long hike.

Here are our top tips for self-care over the holiday season.

Get enough sleep

3 in 10 Australians aren’t getting enough sleep during the year. Unfortunately, one night of uninterrupted sleep is not enough to recharge your batteries, although it is a great start.

Sleeping comfortably through the night starts with the right bedroom environment. Studies show using air conditioners and fans to keep cool disturbs your sleep, while leaving the window open is an invitation for mosquitoes, sound and light to pour in.

Read our tips for keeping cool this summer.

Celebrate life’s little joys

Finding joy in everyday moments reminds us that we are in control of many things that matter. Creating a ritual that makes you feel calm or indulging (responsibly) in some of your favourite things every day can help balance a busy mind.

  • Initiate a bedtime routine to wind down
  • Wear your favourite outfit for no reason
  • Treat yourself to the softest, most comfortable bed sheets
  • Crack open that book you’ve been saving
  • Put your phone away when socialising with friends
  • Go on a walk in nature
  • Sit in your favourite café for an entire afternoon

You don’t need an excuse to enjoy life’s unremarkable moments.

Be mindful, grateful and present

If you’ve spent all year rushing from one thing to the next, you may not have paused to find wonder in everyday moments. The sun warm on your face, the smell of the ocean, the taste of coffee in the morning, reading a good book in bed.

Now is the time to pause, pay attention, and let the gratitude flow.

Try a mindfulness app or roll out your yoga mat to reconnect with yourself now and then.

Talk to people you trust

Many Australians feel disconnected right now. Sometimes, reconnecting with yourself means connecting with other people as well.

If you’re someone who gets a buzz from socialising, set aside open-ended time to meet your friends. Or, if you need a little more one-on-one help, reaching out to a mental health professional can be the start of a life-changing conversation.

Swaddle yourself in good feelings

The holidays are a time for giving, but that doesn’t have to mean showering your family and friends with thoughtless gifts for the sake of it. Instead, if you’re a person who enjoys giving, then give thoughtfully:

  • Choose personal (or personalised) gifts
  • Give experiences, not things
  • Gift your time and attention
  • Shop consciously
  • Get them something they wouldn’t buy themselves

And don’t forget to give yourself a little love as well. If you’ve been delaying gratification, this is a sign to treat yourself. Buy those bamboo bed sheets you’ve always wanted, book the staycation just for you, pamper yourself just because it feels nice.

Whatever self-care means to you, we hope you have a relaxing, calm and re-energising holiday period. See you in 2022!

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