Stay Cosy This Winter with Bamboo Sheets

Stay Cosy This Winter with Bamboo Sheets

When winter sets in, there are few things better than curling up under a blanket with a warm drink and a good book.

Australian winters are mild compared to the snowy wonderlands in Europe and North America. But long nights with temperatures in the single digits are still spent inside listening to rain patter on the windows.

On cold winter nights, the best place to be is under bamboo fabric sheets. You will stay comfortably warm without overheating and wake up refreshed, ready to face the chilly winter winds.

How exactly does bamboo fabric create a hibernation haven?

It’s all to do with the natural fibres that make bamboo fabric soft, strong, durable and breathable.

How bamboo fabric keeps you warm in winter

If you’re familiar with bamboo sheets, you know they do an incredible job keeping you cool on summer nights. Bamboo wicks moisture up to twice as fast as cotton, allowing sweat to evaporate as you sleep.

At the same time, insulating air pockets in the natural fibres prevent warm air from coming in, allowing your body to cool at a natural rate.

In winter, those same insulating air pockets keep you cosy without letting cold air permeate your sheets.

When the ambient temperature dips below the ideal sleeping range of 18-20°C, you can trust your bamboo sheets and bamboo duvet cover to keep you cosy through the night.

Bamboo fabric works with your body

Your body will not need to cool down as much to reach the ideal sleeping temperature, so you will naturally produce less sweat. Bamboo fabric responds by insulating you against temperature changes.

Bamboo’s breathability means the right amount of air gets through to keep you comfortable. But the insulating air pockets prevent rapid changes, so you won’t wake up shivering in the cold or sweating through a warm night.

Added benefits of bamboo sheets in winter

Naturally hypoallergenic

Organic bamboo fabric is hypoallergenic, preventing dust mites, bacteria and pollen from keeping you awake at night.

As winter gives way to spring and pollen fills the air, you will continue sleeping soundly.

No need to buy “winter sheets”

Winter-only sheets can unnecessarily occupy a lot of space in a linen cupboard, and are often be made of ‘blend’ materials including polyester.

You don’t need to worry about cold weather bedding with bamboo sheets. If you are an especially cool sleeper, adding a bamboo top sheet to your duvet cover and insert, will provide the extra insulation you need for the winter months.

Alternatively, a winter doona is a great solution if you prefer not to use a top sheet. Instead of trying to sleep on scratchy flannel sheets, you can enjoy the silky softness of bamboo with the comfortable weight of a cold-weather blanket.

Unbelievably soft

Unlike cheap scratchy cotton or flannel that wears out after a couple of winters, bamboo sheets keep their supple softness wash after wash.

Tip: Although it can be tempting to tumble-dry your sheets in winter, dryers can damage the fibres in organic bedding like bamboo. Line drying is best, or a gentle tumble dry if the sun refuses to shine.

Prepare your sanctuary for winter

OLARA 100% organic bamboo sheets will keep you cosy all winter, helping you sleep through cold nights and wake up feeling fresh.

Shop our range online, just in time for the weather to turn.

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