The Expert Way to Fold Any Bedsheet

The Expert Way to Fold Any Bedsheet

Learning how to fold bedsheets properly is an essential element in the pursuit of a clutter-free home.

From fitted sheets to flat sheets, doona covers, and pillowcases, let’s unfurl the secrets to folding sheets like a hotel so you can create the perfect linen bundle in minutes.

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Why folding sheets is so important

Folding sheets is a chore many avoid, however folding sheets properly has several benefits:

  • Reduces clutter in storage spaces
  • Removes wrinkles
  • Keeps sheets in good condition
  • Prolongs the sheet’s life
  • Prevents bacteria and odour from finding the sheets

By reducing the surface area in contact with other materials, odours and bacteria, folding keeps your sheets fresh for longer. Plus, folding sheets before putting them in the linen closet is an easy way to declutter your home (and your mind).

How to fold a fitted sheet

The elastic corners on fitted sheets are a blessing and a curse. They keep your sheet attached to the mattress, but they make folding fitted sheets a pain.


With practice, however, you can conquer the corners.

Start with the sheet turned inside-out, your hands in the ‘pockets’ on the short edge.

Fold one pocket over the other and flip it over to conceal the corner.

Find the adjacent corner on the long side, then tuck the doubled-up corner into it.

Bring the final corner up and fold it over the others.

Fold in half or thirds to create a small, smoothed square.

Now you have a neatly folded fitted sheet.

You can find a more detailed guide in our previous post on folding a fitted sheet.

How to fold flat sheets

Top sheets (also called flat sheets) are easier to fold than fitted sheets. But even if you think you know the secrets to folding flat sheets, don’t skip this section.

Remember, we’re creating a linen bundle. And the key to a beautiful bundle is a neatly folded flat sheet.

Start by folding the sheet in half along the long edge.

Note: if your arms aren’t long enough to grasp the long-edge corners, ask someone for help or drape the sheet on a clean surface for a moment.

Next, fold in half again horizontally to get a long rectangle with a short horizontal side and a long vertical side.

Now fold the top half over the bottom, forming a square. Take care to smooth the sheet every time; otherwise, you might end up with wrinkles.

Place the folded flat sheet, in a square, on a clean table. Then place the folded fitted sheet in a corner by the open edge.

How to fold pillowcases

If you’re wondering why we haven’t finished folding the flat sheet, hold tight! The answer will unfold if you keep reading.

The next step in creating a linen bundle that contains a folded fitted sheet and flat sheet is adding your pillowcase.

Pillowcases take only a few seconds to fold. Start by folding it in half along the long edge.

Then fold it in half again to create a small rectangle.

Finally, fold it in half or thirds and place it on your folded fitted sheet.

Creating a neat linen bundle

By now, you should have:

  • A folded pillowcase, which sits on top of…
  • A folded fitted sheet, which sits on top of…
  • A folded flat sheet

Fold the bottom half of the flat sheet over the pillowcase and fitted sheet first.

Next, using your hand to create a neat crease, fold the stack over, so that your fitted sheet and pillowcase are in the middle of the flat sheet.

Fold one final time from the other side, creating a neat bundle ready to be stored in your linen closet.

This brings us to the final step: folding a doona cover.

How to fold a duvet cover

The steps for folding a doona (duvet) cover are the same as folding a flat sheet.  

Start by folding the long edge in half.

Repeat this step, folding so you have a long rectangle.

Then fold in half vertically to create a square, just like when you learned how to fold a flat sheet in the first step.

Continue by folding the doona cover in half, then in half again, creating a square the same size as the linen bundle you created in the previous steps.

Store your neatly folded bamboo sheets

You can fold and store sheets individually if you prefer. But bundling is the best way to fold sheets for a linen closet. The neatly prepared package keeps matching sheet sets organised, crisp and clean for the next time you change the sheets.

Remember to store your OLARA bamboo bedsheets in a cool, dry place away from sunlight and moisture. With the proper care, you can enjoy the silky softness of 100% organic bamboo for many years.

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