Thoughtful Ways to Reuse Your OLARA Bedding Bag

Thoughtful Ways to Reuse Your OLARA Bedding Bag

OLARA bamboo bedding is designed and manufactured with a commitment to sustainability at every stage.

Even our bedding bags are carefully crafted to last a long time. The eco-friendly drawstring bags, made with bamboo fabric trimmings to reduce waste, are ideal for storing your spare sheets between uses.

But at OLARA we value creativity.

So we are sharing the thoughtful ways that our eco-friendly bedding bags can be repurposed and reused.

10 creative ways to reuse OLARA sustainable bedding bags

1. Shoe bag

OLARA bamboo fabric bags double as a storage pouch to transport shoes when you are travelling, visiting the gym, or taking a second pair of shoes to work.

They are generously sized to store a pair of heels or ankle boots, and the soft material tucks into your bag without overcrowding.

Keeping shoes in a separate bag helps to protect them and your other belongings.

2. Vegetable bag

From the stylish to the practical – OLARA bedding bags make excellent storage sacks for loose vegetables.

The same fabric that keeps you healthy through the night prevents allergens and dust mites from invading your vegetable draw.

OLARA bamboo fabric is naturally antibacterial, hypoallergenic and soft on sensitive skin (whether human, animal or vegetable).

3. Children’s toy bag

Every parent knows the pain of tripping over toys. You can use your OLARA bedding bag to store loose toys for a quick, easy organisation solution.

Once the toys are in the bag, simply cinch the drawstring (made with the same silky smooth bamboo fabric), and you have a secure, stylish toy bag ready to store or take on an adventure.

OLARA reusable bags fit neatly under beds and in storage boxes or look elegant on shelves for a quick decluttering solution.

4. Keep loose craft supplies

Craft supplies have a way of spreading around drawers and cupboards. Organising your loose craft supplies – markers, craft scissors, ribbon, wrapping paper, cards and everything else cluttering your drawers – is a weekend activity with incredibly satisfying results.

Use your OLARA eco bag to house loose craft supplies, so you know where to find them when the next Christmas or birthday present needs wrapping.

Bonus tip: You can also use your OLARA reusable bag to store electronics, papers or valuables like passports and foreign currency. The drawstring closes tight to keep valuable items secure.

5. Eco beach bag

Bamboo fabric is resilient, fast-drying and easy to clean – exactly what you need in a beach bag.

Next time you pack for a day at the beach, think about taking your spare OLARA eco bag as a pouch for wet swimmers or an extra bag to organise your essentials.

If the reusable bag gets sandy or mucky, simply add it to a gentle wash and hang it out to dry. By the time you are ready for the next beach trip, your bamboo bag will be ready to reuse.

6. Toiletries and cosmetics

OLARA reusable bags are a stylish, secure way to organise toiletries and cosmetics for an overnight trip.

The bamboo fabric drawstring cinches tight to keep your cosmetics secure. But you can easily add a zipper or press stud by following an online tutorial.

There is plenty of space in our reusable bags, so you won’t need to worry about leaving any essentials behind.

7. Compartmentalise your travel luggage

Travel is finally back on the agenda in 2022, so what better time to think about packing for your next trip?

OLARA reusable bedding bags are the perfect size to pack a spare pair of shoes, underwear, or delicate clothing that you want to keep separate.

The silky-soft OEKO-TEX® certified fabric keeps your items clean and protected, ready to retrieve when you arrive at your destination.

8. Grocery bag

As well as a vegetable bag for home, you can take your reusable OLARA bag to the grocery store or farmer’s market.

We are committed to finding accessible ways to minimise waste. Using OLARA bedding bags as a grocery bag is a great way to reduce plastic and keep your food clean.

9. Wash your underwear

Some delicates are simply too delicate to launder without protection. Adding them to your bedding bag protects them in the wash, ensuring they come out clean and undamaged.

OLARA bedding bags are made from the same Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX® certified bamboo fabric as our bed sheets, meaning they are hypoallergenic and prefer a cool wash.

10. Store seasonal clothes

Reusable bedding bags are excellent for organising your linen closet. But they can also be used to keep winter clothes in storage between seasons.

The bamboo fibres naturally repel dust mites, allergens and bacteria while staying breathable, so you can be sure your clothing will not go musty.

Why we encourage you to reuse OLARA bedding bags

Sustainability is something we value at OLARA. Using offcuts from our bamboo sheets, pillowcases and duvet covers to create bedding bags is just one of the many sustainability initiatives that keep us accountable.

Our bedding bags use the same responsibly sourced bamboo fabric as our bedding range. It is a good idea to wash the bag before repurposing it to get the full benefits of bamboo’s buttery softness and hypoallergenic properties.

We would love to see the thoughtful ways you repurpose your OLARA bedding bag. Feel free to share your pictures on social media or DM us with your creative idea.

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