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What Is The Best Way To Dry Bamboo Sheets?

The first time you wash bamboo sheets is a revelation. Compared to your old cotton sheets, bamboo is a dream to wash and dry.

Just put the sheets on a cool cycle with a little mild detergent, and they’ll come out as good as new.

Regularly washing bamboo sheets (every 7-14 days) keeps them clean, hypoallergenic and naturally soft.

But what about drying? If you are accustomed to tumble-drying sheets, unlearning the behaviour might take some getting used to. But we promise hang-drying is the best way to dry bamboo sheets.

How to dry bamboo sheets to keep them buttery soft

Hang-drying in fresh air is the best way to dry bamboo sheets. Bamboo wicks moisture much faster than cotton, meaning your sheets will dry faster in the fresh air.

After washing your sheets, hang dry them in a warm, dry place, away from direct sunlight. Shady patches are great if you have a garden. Alternatively, a drying rack or indoor line works well.

Can you tumble dry bamboo sheets?

We don’t all live in places where line-drying is possible all year. So if inclement weather or a lack of space prevents you from pegging your sheets in the shade, you can tumble dry bamboo sheets.

Turn your dryer’s dial to a delicate setting with low heat and remove the sheets as soon as the cycle ends.

This prevents overheating and wrinkles. Another way to avoid wrinkles is folding your clean bedding into a linen bundle for safekeeping until you change the sheets.

The benefits of hang-drying bamboo bed sheets

  • Keep your sheets soft

Like hot wash cycles, tumble dryers can damage the natural fibres that imbue your sheets with their suppleness. So avoid high temperatures and go au natural for better results.

  • Protect the fibres

Bamboo is naturally durable and surprisingly resilient. However, the natural fibres that make bamboo sheets soft, hypoallergenic and moisture-wicking are susceptible to heat damage.

  • Prevent shrinking and wrinkles

Tumble dryers can shrink sheets and create stubborn wrinkles. Drying on a low setting helps avoid shrinkage and wrinkles, but your best option for drying bamboo sheets is always on a line.

  • Better for the environment

Line drying uses no energy and is more eco-friendly than tumble drying sheets.

Should you wash and dry bamboo sheets before using them?

Washing sheets before the first time you use them is a good idea. When you receive your brand new OLARA bamboo sheets, it’s tempting to make the bed and snuggle up to bamboo’s silky softness right away.

But, after spending a bit of time in packaging and transit, the first wash achieves the breathability and softness our bamboo bed sheets are known for.

Just make sure to wash your sheets on a 30-40°C cycle using mild detergent. Then line dry (or delicately tumble dry if this isn’t an option), and you are good to go!

Head to our blog or join our social media community for more tips and guides on caring for your OLARA bamboo bed sheets. We can’t wait to hear how you are enjoying your new sheets.

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