Why We Use Bamboo

The most resource efficient plant on earth is bamboo.

Sustainability has been ingrained in our mind before we made our first bedsheet.

The bedsheets came second and only after we had tested a number of different materials side by side until we were 100% certain that we could make a positive impact without causing a negative impact when building Olara's go to market plan.


Bamboo produces less waste
We measured our production effectiveness and can benchmark that 70% of the bamboo we have harvested is used to create fiber. The remaining 30% of our produce is composted going back into the land.
Bamboo requires far less land to grow
Cotton requires much more land to grow and be maintained on, while bamboo is a regnerative grassroot. For this reason we also save on manually having to replant each harvest.
Bamboo uses less rain water
Its well known that cotton is thirsty and on top of that diverts and contaminates fresh water. Bamboo uses much less water throughout the year, another reason we choose bamboo.
Grows organically, without chemicals
Cotton is responsible for 24% of the world’s insecticides and 11% of pesticides — more than any other crop.
Our vision is clear, to provide a sustainable bedding product that feels amazing, can be produced without causing harm to the environment and provides jobs to people who can join us on our journey.