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Different Types of Bamboo Fabric: Which One is the Best?

Growing in popularity, many are thinking of investing in items made from “bamboo fabric”. As a beginner, it might be confusing to see all the different types of bamboo fabrics and their properties.

Bamboo fabric is a broad term used to describe different textiles made from the bamboo plant. Used for thousands of years, it’s only in recent times that we have perfected the process of creating sustainable bamboo items. 

Keep reading to learn about the different types of bamboo fabric and which one is best.

Different Types of Bamboo Fabric

There are three main types of bamboo fabrics, depending on the production process.

These are bamboo viscose, lyocell bamboo, and fine bamboo (otherwise called bamboo fibre or sometimes referred to as bamboo linen). 

Bamboo Viscose

Also known as bamboo rayon, bamboo viscose comes from the bamboo plant’s cellulose and is the most common type of bamboo fabric. The cellulose is extracted from the plant before being turned into bamboo chips. Once soaked, the chips turn into pulp.

Bamboo viscose is the result of when the pulp is spun into threads that are woven into fabric.

Lyocell Bamboo

Like bamboo viscose, lyocell fabric is produced in a similar way except that during the manufacturing process, the cellulose does not change its chemical composition.

The only downside is that lyocell fabrics have low thermal stability. Constant exposure to UV and sunlight may cause the fabric to lose its longevity. As such, bamboo viscose tends to last longer and wash better than lyocell bamboo.

Fine Bamboo 

Fine bamboo or “bamboo fibre” is time-consuming and labour intensive to produce as it involves the physical breakdown of bamboo into a pulp.

Compared to bamboo viscose and bamboo lyocell, this textile tends to be more coarse and less comfortable. 

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Benefits of Bamboo Fabric

Bamboo fabric sheets possess excellent properties that make them ideal for home items. Its fibre presents an exceptionally soft and light feel, like silk.

People who use bamboo fabric find it breathable and cool to the touch, and the perfect choice for bed sheets and clothing. Its moisture-wicking properties make the fabric hydrophilic, absorbing water better than cotton or polyester.

Its source is sustainable since the bamboo plant grows quickly in many different conditions without the need for pesticides or copious water irrigation, making it better for the environment when compared to its other textile alternatives.

With inherent antibacterial and antistatic properties, this textile is exponentially growing in popularity.

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