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Does Bamboo Bed Linen Pill?

One of the most common questions our customers ask us is whether our bamboo bedding will pill the way cotton or flannel sheets do, so we thought we'd look more closely at how bamboo bed linen holds up over time. 

Bamboo: durable and strong

If you're looking for a luxurious yet durable set of sheets, pillowcases, and duvet covers that will last for years, consider trying our 100% bamboo bed linen. These eco-friendly and delightfully soft sheets can last many years if they are cared for properly.

Due to its durability, bamboo can have a lifespan up to three times that of regular cotton sheets. And, when properly cared for, your bamboo bed linen will remain soft for years.

Bamboo bed linen will rarely pill or tear

All natural fibres can pile over time, however there are some factors that can make them less or more prone to piling such as the manufacturing process. During the manufacturing process of cotton bed sheets, cotton fibres are woven together, leaving the thread ends loose throughout the material.

Over time, these thread ends work out of the fabric, causing the sheet to pill and small holes to appear.

In contrast, typical bamboo bed linen manufacturing uses cutting-edge processes to reduce piling of your sheets. During the creation process, the bamboo fibres stretch across the entire length of the sheet, securely anchoring the thread ends, rendering it less likely that the threads will work themselves free over time.

That’s not to say they will never pill as ultimately bamboo is a natural material, but it is unlikely that you will experience the levels of pilling regularly seen on the surface of other fabric types.

Bamboo bed linen will rarely discolour

It's also common for cotton bed linen to fade or discolour over time. This fading can significantly shorten the life span of your expensive cotton bedding. Every time you wash your cotton sheets, they can lose more dye. Cotton is super absorbent, soaking up all your sweat and body oils while sleeping. These oils seep into the fabric and can cause lingering damage to the material, causing your sheets to discolour.

In contrast, bamboo is not as absorbent and is moisture-wicking, meaning that instead of soaking up your sweat and body oils as you sleep, bamboo wicks the moisture away from you. As bamboo sheets don’t absorb as much, it’s very unlikely that they will ever fade or discolour over time.

Now that we better understand bamboo fabrics' two main qualities let's look deeper into pilling and why bamboo is so pill-resistant. 

What is fabric pilling?

Pilling is the balling and matting of fabric fibres. Several factors can cause pill formation, especially in clothing.

Typically, pilling occurs due to continuous fabric wear, when the surface of the fabric is rubbed over and over, releasing the fabric ends and causing small balls or pills. Many materials can display some pilling including cotton, wool, linen, polar fleece, and acrylic.

Slight pilling is typical for natural fibres, especially in response to friction, and isn't necessarily a fault or defect. As bamboo fibres are particularly fine and given the way the fabric is woven, it tends to pile less than it’s counterparts.

Although, bamboo is not indestructible, which is why you must take care with washing your bamboo bedding.

How to avoid damage when washing your OLARA bamboo sheets

Choose a delicate, cool cycle for washing your bamboo bed linen, and wash them alone. Hooks, zips, or other clothes with rough textures can damage your sheets, so wash them separately.

Read our Laundry Care guide for more information about cleaning your bamboo bedding. 

Why we love bamboo

Our OLARA bamboo bed linen feels delightful, is antimicrobial, thermoregulates, and is ethically made. Bamboo fibre is incredibly soft and durable having a silk-like texture without the slipperiness. It is more absorbent than other fibres, eliminates moisture, and dries quickly.

This incredible fabric is adaptive, versatile, and more affordable than ever before.

Choose OLARA for luxurious bamboo bed linen

We believe in keeping our customers safe, using the highest quality materials, and only working with manufacturing partners committed to quality. This is why the entire OLARA bamboo bedding range is Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX® certified.

As an Australian-owned bedding company committed to high quality, we support consumers who spend time scrutinising labels to ensure they get the best products. We understand that your health, and your family's health, is your priority.

Our passion is providing incredible products that bring joy to those who use them. With a focus on beauty and sustainability, OLARA is Australia's new face of incredible bedding and homewares. Shop the OLARA range in our online store or browse our website to learn more about OLARA as a company. 

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